Rental Guide


Booking through Online

Book online

Make reservations through the website starting from 3 months prior to the desired date of the ride and at least one day in advance.

Please make reservations under the name of the person who will be driving. Payment must be made at the time of the reservation by the credit card holder of the same person making the reservation.



Prepare driver's license, credit card, and passport

You must bring your driver’s license (see details), a credit card issued in your name, and your passport if you are an overseas resident.


Check In

Departure Process

  1. Visiting us
    Please show our staff the email you received to complete your reservations.
  2. Presentation of required documents
    Please present your driver’s license, credit card, passport, or other necessary documents.
  3. Signing of contract
    Please sign the rental certificate and pledge.
  4. Inspection of the exterior and explanation of vehicle operation
    Inspect the exterior of the vehicle with a staff member. If there are any scratches or dents, please be sure to check with our staff. The staff will also explain various aspects of vehicle operation.
  5. Departing



Return Process

  1. Gasoline
    Please be sure to fill up the tank before returning the car. If the tank is not full, you will be charged according to our calculation method.
  2. Inspection of the exterior and instruction of vehicle operation
    Our staff will inspect the vehicle at the time of return.
  3. Confirmation of ETC usage
  4. Adjustment
    Any additional charges such as out-of-area use of ETC, extended hours, etc., must be paid.