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Start your wonderful Tokyo vacation with JDM car from Ichioku tours!

All JDM cars, GT-R Liberty Walk Custom, Z33 Roadster Liberty Walk Custom, Lexus IS 300 Convertible and Miatas are waiting for you for a wonderful experience.

For your Tokyo and Daikoku tours, you can choose just a ride or self-drive. For self-drive tours, you must bring a valid international driver’s license and passport to drive.

For the best car enthusiast experience in Tokyo, book Self-Drive Tour or Ride Tour now.


What's Included

Services Features for Self Drive Tours:


In addition to basic insurance and coverage, CDW (Collision Damage Waiver) is included for peace of mind.
* Non Operation Charge (NOC) is to be paid by the customer.

Multi-language Accident Support

If you have a flat tire, your car gets stuck, or in the unlikely event of an accident, we can assist you with everything from handling the situation to communicating with the police and the other party through our 17-language 3-way call service.


Bluetooth function in our cars makes the whole experience of hands-free calling and managing music very easy and comfortable.

ETC System

The ETC system is installed to automatically pay highway tolls at a lower rate than cash. No need to pay at toll booths.
ETC Card includes.
* Any highway tolls are not included. You will be charged at check-out.

Dash Cam

Some cars are equipped with a dash cam.
All-surrounding & rear cameras record images of both sides of the car, the interior, and the rear of the car, which are blind spots. In the unlikely event of an accident or a foolish driver while driving, you can be assured of peace of mind.

Free Hoodie Rental

Free rental of large hoodies that will make you stand out in the city.


Pick your vehicle

NISSAN R35 GT-R Liberty Walk Custom

NISSAN R35 GT-R Custom

NISSAN 350Z Roadster Liberty Walk Custom

RWB Porsche 911 Carrera S
2023 Fuel Fest x TARMAC x RWB special collaboration model

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Enjoy the ride and leave your feedback
Manuel Muñiz Iglesias
Manuel Muñiz Iglesias
October 23, 2023
Very Nice experience in Tokyo. If you like cars, specially GTRs and you want to feel like Tokyo Drift, this is for you! Highly recommended if you want to make a guide tour for all Tokyo city and also visit Daikoku Futo where you can see the best cars in Tokyo. Thank you our guide Ruben for this experience and the fantastic guide tour. We will come back!!
October 23, 2023
Amazing experience! Would highly recommend to anyone that’s into JDM’s and the car scene in Tokyo! Ruben and Wendell were awesome with guiding us around Tokyo and taking us to daikoku!
October 23, 2023
Great experience very fun definitely recommended and really nice guide!
Matt Sapieha
Matt Sapieha
October 16, 2023
Ichioku Tours really went above and beyond for me when I had troubles booking. The self drive tour with Ruben as our guide was the highlight of our trip. Being able to drive such nice cars on a tour through Tokyo streets and seeing Daikoku is a must when you go to Japan as a car enthusiast. Would highly recommend Ichioku Tours to anyone, and I will be sure to come again on our next trip.
October 14, 2023
We had an amazing time. Our guide Ruben was very enthusiastic and helpful. We also did not really want to go to the other places of Tokio that weren’t daikoku, and that was possible. Daikoku parking itself also was an amazing place. Would definitely recommend!
Jitesh Watwani
Jitesh Watwani
October 12, 2023
Would've given them 6 stars if I could. Guides were amazing and very friendly. Drove the Nismo GTR around the street of Tokyo and to the Daikoku Car Park. Unforgettable experience. Would highly recommend it.
Vince Pham
Vince Pham
October 6, 2023
This experience is an awesome alternative to the "Mario Kart" tour if you like JDM tuners! I have pre-booked the self-drive tour in the LibertyWalk adorned Nissan GT-R among their fleet, which includes the Nissan Fairlady/350Z convertible, Lexus IS250C and Mazda MX-5/Miata (NA). The tour was conducted by the lovely Elena who was leading in the IS250C, and acted as the tour guide and photographer. We first stopped at the overwhelming Shibuya Scramble Crossing and took photos of myself with the vehicle. Afterwards, we stopped by the AUTOBACS shop for about half an hour, where they have all these car related products, mechanical garage, and Starbucks. Also have the opportunity to see exotic vehicles cruising around this area! Then the main attraction to the Daikoku car park meet, via the express way! I was told from the locals that usually Fridays and Saturdays are the best days to do the tour, which I did it on a Wednesday evening due to tight scheduling, but it did not disappoint me as it looked like an interesting RX-7 and 86 meet...especially witnessing a Veilside Fortune RX-7 (Han's car from Tokyo Drift)! After leaving Daikoku car park, we stopped and hanged at Tokyo Tower to take a few photos, and then head back to the Shibuya office. Upon arrival, the lovely assistant (I forgot her name sorry!) gave me an envelope containing bumper stickers and photos that Elena took of myself with the car. As I bid farewell to the kind staff, I was given a mini can of Asahi beer and a bottle of water for my journey back to my hotel (how considerate!). I look forward to try another vehicle on a weekend when I come back to Japan! Keep up the good work and thank you for the experience and your lovely hospitality! ありがとう ございました!
Fabian malave
Fabian malave
October 3, 2023
200% recommend if you love cars, you get looks everywhere in this beautiful r35...