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Start your wonderful Tokyo vacation with JDM car from Ichioku tours!

All JDM Cars, GT-R Liberty Walk Custom, Z33 Roadster Liberty Walk Custom and Miatas are waiting for you for a wonderful experience.

You must bring a valid international driver’s license and passport to drive.

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What's Included

Services Features:


In addition to basic insurance and coverage, CDW (Collision Damage Waiver) is included for peace of mind.
* Non Operation Charge (NOC) is to be paid by the customer.

Multi-language Accident Support

If you have a flat tire, your car gets stuck, or in the unlikely event of an accident, we can assist you with everything from handling the situation to communicating with the police and the other party through our 17-language 3-way call service.


Bluetooth function in our cars makes the whole experience of hands-free calling and managing music very easy and comfortable.

Free Escorted Daikoku Tour

Our driver will lead you safely yet excitingly to the world’s most famous car meet-up spot, DAIKOKU PA. This tour will show you around very unique one-of-a-kind Auto Culture in Japan.
* May not be available on some days.

ETC System

The ETC system is installed to automatically pay highway tolls at a lower rate than cash. No need to pay at toll booths.
ETC Card includes.
* Any highway tolls are not included. You will be charged at check-out.

Free In-Car Wi-Fi

Free Wi-Fi routers are available for connecting smartphones.
You can use your own smartphone as a navigation system and drive while looking at a pre-made driving map.

Dash Cam

Some cars are equipped with a dash cam.
All-surrounding & rear cameras record images of both sides of the car, the interior, and the rear of the car, which are blind spots. In the unlikely event of an accident or a foolish driver while driving, you can be assured of peace of mind.

Free Hoodie Rental

Free rental of large hoodies that will make you stand out in the city.


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